Trunk Full of Treasures LLC (TFOT) is “Your Full Service Estate Sale Solution.” Serving clients since 2001 in Southern California and Denver, Colorado. What we mean by full service is we sell the entire contents of the home. We have sold everything from landscape rocks to a Rolls Royce and even the home in some cases. We work with Realtors, Attorneys and Executors of the estate.

Many times potential clients are concerned they don’t have enough for an estate sale. We have found when we visit the home for our no cost consultation; we are able to discuss exactly what services we are able to offer. We are paid a percentage of the sale, which is discussed during the consultation. Our commission covers the following:

Fifteen plus years’ experience in estate sales and collectibles.
Almost every client is surprised by our assessment of what “stuff” will sell. We continue to monitor trends for items that have fluctuations in pricing. Currently, there is a softening of the market for Victorian and Early American style furniture, but a very strong increase in the market price for Mid-Century and Danish Modern items.

Insured and Accredited.
We carry liability insurance with Antiques and Collectibles National Association.

We are also proud to have achieved “Accredited Estate Liquidator” designation with American Society of Estate Liquidators, the highest designation available.

Licensed Appraiser.
Robyn Merrill is a licensed antiques and collectibles Appraiser. 

Knowledgeable and professional staff.
On the average we have from 6 to 10 staff members working a sale. The day of the sale everyone is dressed in Trunk Full of Treasures shirts. Customers are able to easily identify who to ask for assistance. Maximum presence minimizes damage and theft.

Organize and price all items to be sold.
During the set-up of the sale items are inspected, cleaned, displayed and priced. Our customers love the cleanliness and organization of our estate sales.

Provide tables, showcases, and displays to highlight the items to be sold.
Most sales involve rearranging the furniture and adding tables or displays to highlight the items. We supply all tables, display cases, showcases, shelving and other items used for the sale.

Research all venues to achieve maximum selling prices.
We tell the client, “The more you make, the more we make.” While we are setting up the sale, we are researching the items to find the best venue to achieve the maximum selling price for items. Sometimes this involves offering items through associate auction houses and online auctions such as eBay.

Extensive advertising of the sale.
We have an internet presence with our web site and our Facebook page. We also send personal invitations to our expanding email list, currently over 2,000 subscribers. In addition, we post our sales on,, and other online advertising venues.

We accept credit cards.
When we made the decision to accept credit cards we found our sales increased by almost 25%. Credit card companies charge a percentage to process the transaction, which is covered by TFOT.

Leave the house broom swept clean and empty when we are finished
At the end of our sale there is usually some stuff left. We work with a “buy-out/clean out” company that will remove everything. The house is broom swept and/or vacuumed on our way out. Our clients appreciate that the house is empty when we are finished with the sale.

How can we help you and your REALTOR?:
Our experience with the sale of a home is that the home needs to be empty or uncluttered.

If the goal of your Realtor is to empty the home before listing:
We set-up the home…usually two weeks prep time.
Hold Sale…leave house empty.
We are very willing to provide brochures to our customers during the sale.

If the goal of your Realtor is to be uncluttered and/or staged:
We review the items to be removed. Depending on the situation, we can try to sell, pack for storage, donation or de-clutter for staging.

Once the home is under contract, we can set-up for the sale. We recommend allowing at least two weeks before closing for set up and sale time.


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