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Dear Trunk Full of Treasures:

What a delight it was to work with you! Our recent experience with Trunk Full of Treasures was so easy.  When we looked at all that needed to be cleared out of the house in order for it to be sold, we were somewhat overwhelmed.  Someone had sent us your brochure and since you were in the area we decided to contact you.

At the first meeting with you, you instilled such confidence that we had no hesitation in giving you the job.  You were clear in what you can and will do and what is out of your scope of work.  Your creativity in mounting the sale, expertise in evaluating items, marketing skills, networking, communication skills, adaptability and willingness to work hard made the experience a dream for us.  Even when we changed some plans in mid-stream to accommodate the Realtors you worked with us.

We also appreciated the fact that you kept the neighbors informed as to what was happening, so that the days of the sale wouldn’t come as a surprise with cars parked all over the area.

When you asked you would leave the house cleaned out for house sale, you really meant it!  Even the Realtors asked me for your contact information since they were so impressed with your work.

For us it was a win-win situation — it cleared the house of many items (some very unusual); it brought many people through the house which helped the Realtors; and it alleviated us of what would have been a huge burden.  We were also very pleased with the results and with your swiftness in providing the accountability.

We would definitely be happy to recommend Trunk Full of Treasures to anyone who is looking into having an Estate Sale.

Thank you again!

Sr. Judith Dieterle
Sisters of St. Louis
California Region

Dear Trunk Full of Treasures:

Our dear Aunt passed away, and we knew she was a “keeper” of things Christmas, things sentimental, things not to be wasted, things she thought were pretty and — well, just about everything one collects over a long life of 93 years.  As my husband was executor of her estate, and there were 12 heirs, we felt very responsible and diligently set forth sorting things, washing things, stacking things, discover things.  Oh boy, did we discover!  What we discovered was that in order to do a good job, we needed to look at EVERYTHING and move or remove many thousands of items.  The three car garage and its completely full attic were even more daunting.

After a few days, we knew it was an impossible task for us to sort through and figure out what her many possessions, art objects, numerous collectibles and large jewelry collection were worth, and we knew that what we might consider junk might be worth quite a bit.  But how much?  How to find buyers?  How to entice them to come and look?  How to arrange things?  Mostly, how to survive and come out with sufficient reward for what appeared to be months of work.  A massive undertaking.

Enter Wayne.  I worried about giving over control of all of that “stuff,” but I knew he was our salvation!  What he and his crew accomplished in two weeks of prep and the sale was astounding.  They know what sells and perhaps more important, what doesn’t sell.  They know how to connect with and lure the appropriate buyers.  Wayne’s organizational skills, frequent communication, and thorough approach to all aspects of managing everything that was left in the house was simply phenomenal.  That house looked like a store!  They brought in shelves, lighting and everything needed for proper display and efficient selling. We netted after Trunk Full of Treasures’ share at least three times what we would have on our own and we came out with our sanity, no aching backs, no worries and a clean house ready to spruce up for sale.  And the garage?  A miracle transformation that made us some excellent money. Trunk Full of Treasures did it all.

All we had to do was have a little faith that they would do what they said they would do.  Then we let go and relaxed.  We are absolutely thrilled with what Trunk Full of Treasures accomplished, how dutifully they fulfilled the contract and far exceeded our expectations.  Plus, we feel we have made a new friend in the process.  These folks are the absolute best at what they do.  Thank you so much Trunk Full of Treasures!

Rich and Gail Cornelius
Rockland, California

Dear Trunk Full of Treasures,

The loss of a love one is emotionally overwhelming and having you step in and so greatly help close out my mother’s residency was such a relief.

The thorough and detailed manner in which you went through so many items that I did not want and sell them was wonderful.  The added service of cleaning and emptying out my mother’s home was more than I expected or could hope for.

Sandi and I would not hesitate to offer Trunk Full of Treasures to anyone who has an estate to sell along with a fair profit for all you do.

Thank you so much!

Bob & Sandi V.
Highland, CA


Dear Trunk Full of Treasures:

Trunk Full of Treasures?  No…there’s just one treasure…YOU!

I was feeling more than slightly overwhelmed when I had to down size by at least half.  In just four short weeks how could I possibly get rid of all my precious things…my various collections, dishes, furniture, etc., etc., etc.?

Then YOU came into my life and made it all possible.  You were highly professional and organized as well as being very caring and supportive of me personally in what could have been an over-the-top stressful time.

So you see, YOU are the treasure!  You had the patience to deal calmly with me while efficiently dealing with the myriad of items I had collected over a lifetime.

The follow-up after the sale was prompt and very thorough.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

Barbara B.
Fullerton, California

Dear Trunk Full of Treasures:

I wanted to personally thank you for the wonderful job you did clearing out Barbara’s house.  I know that you did not make much on the deal, but hopefully I will be able to pass business your way when we have clients that need the same service.

You did such a great job and I know that Melinda really appreciated your professionalism and very hard work.

I would definitely give Trunk Full of Treasures the highest of recommendations.  Good luck in the future.


Celeste H.
Oasis Senior Center
City of Newport Beach

Dear Trunk Full of Treasures:

We wanted to thank you and your crew for the wonderful job you did on the estate sale at my dad’s home.  All involved in the process before, during, and after the sale have been professional, honest, and helpful.

The great attitudes and actions of all – from the initial meeting with Wayne, through the clean-up, set-up, and actual sale – made the process simple and straightforward.  If we had attempted to do everything you did ourselves, we would still be just talking about having an estate sale instead of enjoying the benefits of it today!

You not only got it done, but you got it done in a timely and profitable fashion.

Thank you so much for everything.  We hope you will use us as a referral for Trunk Full of Treasures.  You did an awesome job!


Terry and Leilani H.
Gardena, California

Dear Trunk Full of Treasures:

How fortunate I was to receive the gift of the referral to Trunk Full of Treasures.  That you lived up to your word and professional standards was a relief.  What stands out for me is your integrity, going the “extra mile” severaltimes for my family members and friends, your sensitivity and respect during our bereavement and your delightful sense of humor.

With many thanks and much appreciation,

Wendy M.
Long Beach, California

Dear Trunk Full of Treasures:

Just to acknowledge what a wonderful experience I’ve had with Trunk Full of Treasures, I’d like to say to you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  When my Aunt passed away, I had months of clearing out a very large house of personal belongings, what to keep and what to pass on.  It was very overwhelming and it was something I was trying to tackle myself.  During our first phone call, I had good feelings about your knowledge and professionalism, your attention to detail, and the length of time you have been doing estate sales.

You out-did yourself, and I can’t believe the monetary value of the sale.  I could not believe the turnout of people in the rain! Nothing I could have done would’ve ever touched your sales!

I did struggle with turning over the sale, but it was the best decision I have ever made.  Your Black Friday sale was overwhelming, and to come back on Saturday after the sale and find the house completely emptied and pristine was icing on the cake.  I can move forward now with the sale of the house and not have to worry what to do with the articles that did not sale.  All was sold!

I truly will recommend Trunk Full of Treasures’ services to anyone who mentions an estate sale.  Once again, Thank You so much!

Cheri H.
Signal Hill, California

Dear Trunk Full of Treasures:

We can’t thank you enough for the wonderful job you did for us inwhat we thought was an impossible situation. Your professionalism in handling both the sale of hundreds of items and the cleanup of Grandma’s house was amazing. We whole heartedly give our highest recommendation for Trunk Full of Treasures.

Thanks again,

Carolyn O
Huntington Beach, California

To Whom It May Concern:

My wife and I were recently faced with the task of emptying a home belonging to a neighbor, preparatory to the sale of the home.  Based upon a strong recommendation from a friend, we selected Trunk Full of Treasures.  Mr. Halbritter and the team spent three weeks preparing for our estate sale.

My wife and I were delighted with the result, a completely empty home and garage swept ready for its new homeowners.  We highly recommend the services of Trunk Full of Treasures.

Ron R.
Corona del Mar, California

Dear Trunk Full of Treasures:

It has been a great pleasure to work with you.  I thank you for all your hard work and timely advice and explanations – you’ve carried me through a tough job about which I knew nothing and I’m grateful for that.  I feel I’ve been treated honestly and fairly, in a straightforward, friendly manner.  I’ll be happy to recommend your services at any time. Thank you.


Norman O.
La Habra, California

Dear Trunk Full of Treasures:

You were a pleasure to work with.  You guided us through the very difficult process of sorting and clearing out my mother’s house, gave us much-needed advice on how to proceed, and coordinated your efforts with our Realtor so things would go smoothly. 

Your thoroughness and attention to detail was impressive, and your strategy for setting everything up, describing the items, and presenting them to the best advantage was done in a creative and effective way.

Initially we thought we would be able to sell things ourselves, but after a rocky start it became clear that we needed professional help.  Although we might, in time, have been able to sell some of my mother’s things for more money, we realized that none of us could take on the burden of storing, advertising, showing, and selling individual pieces. 

You were able to advertise and describe everything so expertly that you had a waiting line 3 hours before the sale opened, and sold literally everything the first day.  You did a beautiful job of setting everything up, and you left the house looking better after the sale than before you started.  Throughout the process you treated everything with respect.

Thanks again for all your help, advice, attention to detail, and hard work on our behalf.  You went out of your way to help us through this awkward and difficult time.  It made a huge difference to our family.  Mom spent her life collecting things that pleased her, and is happy to know that now others can do the same.  Her house sold a week after the estate sale.  Now she can start this new phase of her life without worry.

Wishing you all the best,

Suzanne W.
Long Beach, California

Dear Trunk Full of Treasures:

Thank you so much for taking me on as a client and for such a successful estate sale.  I know that you worked very hard and it paid off!  You were a lot of fun to meet and briefly get to know.  Hope to see you again sometime.

Lisa S.
Anaheim, California

To Whom It May Concern:

I retained Trunk Full of Treasures to handle an estate sale for the contents of a home worth close to $1 million.  Mr. Halbritter was businesslike, conscientious, and considerate at all steps of the process.  He and his team scrubbed crystal and arranged the property in a manner that was very appealing to buyers, so that the sale brought in top dollar.

I had privately evaluated what I felt I could personally sell the property for, and Trunk Full of Treasures brought in more than 4 times the amount.  I was greeted with a smile even during times when they were diligently preparing for the sale.  When they finished, they left the house clean, just as they promised.  He had a large crew, so that the items could be prepared in just a few days.  He had a credit card machine, which brought in buyers who did not carry cash.

On the day of the sale, I drove to the neighborhood and there were cars lined up and down the street and a line of people waiting to get in.  Their advertising brought in so many people I actually saw customers running to buy various items.  Unlike most garage sales, some items sold more than the original purchase price.  Finally, he graciously worked in tandem with the Realtor who allowed interruptions to the set-up of the sale.

I have nothing but rave reviews for the team at Trunk Full of Treasures, and would highly recommend their services.


Lori C. Esq.
Huntington Beach, California

Dear Trunk Full of Treasures:

I cannot begin to thank you enough for your handling of the estate sale at my mother’s home in Bixby Knolls.  Trunk Full of Treasures dug right in and got everything displayed so nicely as well as amazing me with all that was sold.

I will recommend you and your service at every opportunity because you did everything so well and with such a great attitude of “this is fun.”  I felt overwhelmed with what needed doing and you both made it look so easy.

Thank you for handling everything so beautifully and making my 91 year old mother feel good about the event.


Sharun C.
Cerritos, California

Dear Trunk Full of Treasures:

I am thoroughly impressed with your professionalism, courtesy, thoroughness and sensitivity to the entire process faced by us as baby boomers needing to take care of our parents’ home.

In this case, as you know, it’s a home they lived in for fifty seven years.  Instead of the four of us facing the unbearable task of cleaning everything out, your service allowed us what we could do best – go through the house for legal and financial documents, and items precious to one or more of us or our parents.

It was such a relief to know that Trunk Full of Treasures would do all the rest, and indeed they have.  I still can’t believe how well you delivered: from being flexible with us as we had second thoughts on some items, to preparing and displaying the items of a life-time’s accumulation in ways that allowed us, as we looked at your web display, to appreciate things we’d taken for granted – retro, indeed! – your constant checking in to make sure all was in order and your unbelievable organization and speed in setting things up, advertising the sale and accounting for everything with us so promptly.

And on top of all that, Wayne is a great guy, the consensus of four sons with acute BS detectors.  You impressed each of us with your directness, light-heartedness, sense of humor and understanding, all such valuable qualities for adult children as they are facing so many emotional challenges.  You truly lifted a burden off us and in a win-win fashion as well.  Please do absolutely feel free to add us as a referral.  You truly delivered on every promise and made it fun in the process.

On behalf of all four of us, and our folks, too, thank you so much for such a creative, effective and helpful service.

Most Sincerely,

David S.
Long Beach, California

To Whom It May Concern:

We were provided the name of Trunk Full of Treasures by our Realtors as a good estate sale company with which to work.

After talking with Wayne, visiting their next estate sale, having them come to our location and give us their input, we decided to take a risk (even though by then we felt pretty comfortable with them.)

They arrived at the house on Tuesday before the planned sale.  They spent many long hours going through the items in the home over the next few days and had everything set up and ready to go for the planned Friday/Saturday estate sale.

I was very impressed by both of them and the manner in which they conducted their business.  They always did what they said they would do by the time indicated.  They have an excellent sense of style and organization so that they made the display of the items appealing and attractive.  They were very reachable by phone and email.  They demonstrated knowledge about the type of antiques and other items we were selling through the estate sale.  The sale was highly successful and their promise to leave the premises neat and empty was met by the date agreed.  I found them pleasant (no, really fun) to work with.

I would highly recommend Trunk Full of Treasures.

Mary T.
Long Beach, California

Dear Trunk Full of Treasures:

I was fortunate enough to inherit a condo in Laguna Woods, California.  The 1,400 square foot condo was literally packed to the ceiling with collectibles and unopened boxes.  I was more fortunate to find Trunk Full of Treasures to help me liquidate the estate.  Wayne and the team were not only trustworthy, but dependable and knowledgeable.  As an added bonus, he is a great person and fun to work with.

I allowed Wayne and Tim full access to the condo to come and go as they please and apprise me of value or no value in any given item.  They told me what to eBay and what to sell in the estate sale and I trusted them completely to make these decisions.  They provided me with detailed lists of what sold on eBay as well as an accounting after the sale.

Wayne was dependable.  When he told me he would meet me at the property he was there.  When he needed to get ready for a sale, he was there.  His employees were pleasant and reliable as well.  When he told me pictures would be online, they were online as promised.

Furthermore, I trusted Wayne to make all necessary decisions as to pricing and selling.  He knew from his experience what would sell and for how much.

I could not have done the liquidation and sale without Trunk Full of Treasures’ help and expertise.  They were fun to work with and were understanding when I was anxious about selling and liquidating.  A death was involved and Wayne was sensitive when he needed to be but at the same time business like when he needed to move me forward to my goal of cleaning the condo up for sale or rental.

I have nothing but fond regards for Trunk Full of Treasures.  I would highly recommend them to anyone from a $10 million dollar estate to a $3,000 estate.


Julie S.
Laguna Niguel, California

Dear Trunk Full of Treasures:

I would like to thank you for your assistance in reviewing the items I had left over from an estate I settled in 1995.

Your handling the sale of these items, vintage costume jewelry, brass collars, brass pieces and various spoons allowed me to move items I had been trying to sell for fifteen years.  The prices you received for these items and your reasonable commission fees allowed me to receive far more than I expected.

Your help in referring me to other people for items, like ivory and Asian pieces, was appreciated and allowed me to deal with people you knew and trusted.

I would recommend you to any person(s) that are looking to work with a business that is fair, honest, and willing to go the extra mile for them.

Thanks for your help,

Paul W.
Denver, Colorado

Dear Trunk Full of Treasures:

I just wanted to acknowledge receipt of the checks for both the estate sale items and Gold sold for me personally.

We are certainly grateful for the fine job that you did from the very first meeting we had some weeks ago.

Your professionalism, trustworthiness, and dependability to do what you said you’d do in the stated time were really appreciated, particularly since I am located 500 miles away from the scene.

We felt blessed to be able to put our requirements in the hands of a person with your talent and integrity, and as I have already said, very pleased with the outcome.

Feel free to use me as a reference if that would ever be beneficial to you.


Harold R.
Santa Rosa, California

Dear Trunk Full of Treasures:

Just wanted to let you know how much Sharon and I appreciated your hard work in connection with the estate sale of my mother’s belongings.

You both devoted lots of care and attention to it, and we thank you for your help at a difficult time. We spent a lot of time interviewing various people offering different solutions, and there’s no doubt we made the right choice!

If any of our friends are in need of your help, we will enthusiastically recommend Trunk Full of Treasures!


Ted & Sharon
Denver, Colorado

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